Confidence Coaching

Motivation, Focus, Self Awareness for ASPIRING SPORTSMEN and WOMEN


Confidence Coaching

Confident Teams Grow your Business

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What is Confidence Coaching?

• Confidence to think clearly for yourself

• Confidence to make the choices you would like

• Confidence to discover what they are

• Confidence to be the person you would like to be now

• Confidence to create a brighter future for yourself

• Confidence to create the life you want

• Confidence to discover what confidence really is for you.

• Confidence to face fears that have been holding you back.

• Confidence to set goals that make you feel great.

Improve Motivation, Focus and Mindset for Teenagers

I have worked with many young sportsmen and women, typically 14-24, to transform mindset, self-awareness and performance.  I get deep satisfaction from instilling confidence and transforming attitudes and achievement.

A Cohesive Mindset is the Key Skill within an Effective Team

I have worked with teams to build their confidence and raise their self-awareness.

A confident and self-aware team will grow your business through increased effectiveness.

Proven Track Record

Mike Small has worked with the Gordan Strachan’s Football Foundation Coaching to maintain the balance between Football and Education to raise the awareness of the sportsmen and women. To discover the many choices that are on offer and the motivation and commitment to move towards their goals.  He has a long career of coaching successful corporate teams in Pfizer and other major employers.